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It is $10.00 for all the advanced tutorials (listed below) that are designed for the beginning Web Designer.  You can buy several $50.00 books (I have several of them) that explain Expression Web but you have to know what html code and CSS styles are all about before you can understand them.  My tutorials are designed for someone who has no knowledge of HTML and CSS.  Images in my e-books are taken right off my screen and I have a list of all the different tutorials I have made.  If you have seen my basic tutorials that are free then you know what my advanced tutorials are going to look like.  Below is the list of tutorials that I have done.  If you have a request for a new one, let me know at Certain Web Design's Contact Page and I will do my best to get it done for you.  I am adding new tutorials all the time, so check back often.  If you would like to be on the list to receive tutorials send me your email address.

I also have an e-book on HTML and CSS designed to help you understand how EW works with both HTML and CSS.  I have covered all of the Style Building Properties and how they do or do not work in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome browsers.  There are also 12 videos that go along with this e-book that show you exactly how to build up a style in the different categories.

I also offer email lessons to those who are just confused by all of it. I can make videos specific to your site and show you how to use EW.   Contact me and we can discuss it.

Advanced Tutorial List

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