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An Example of this tutorial is here.

This tutorial will show you how to make a form and send the answers from the form to your e-mail address.  In Front Page the form tool used "bots" to get the information off the html page.  The problem with this is spam bots used the same information to get your e-mail address and send you spam. 
This tutorial will show you how to make the form.  The next tutorial will give you a cgi-script that you can personalize and get that form sent to you, without spam bots getting your address.

Start with a new html page.  If you have a template that you want to use, go ahead.  I will use the one we have already created in the fluid layout tutorials.

1.Click in your content area. In the toolbox, under Form Controls, right click Form and Insert. This will be the area that has the information you want sent back to you.
2. Now type in the information you want in your form. Hit Enter after each item.

3. Click in the space after name. Go to the toolbox and under Form Controls, right click 'Input (Text)'. This will put an input box next to ' Name'

Do the same for each item. If the item requires more than a short number of words, like message, then click on ' Text Area' instead of Input(text). The last thing to add is the submit button. In the line below the Message, hit Enter to give a little bit of room. Right click 'Submit' and insert the button.

On the input part of Name, right click and pick form field properties. In the Name area put name and hit OK. When your form comes back to you, you want to know what answer went where on the form. Do the same for all the rest of the items.

Next right click somewhere in the form and pick Form Properties. In the where to store results (which requires that your server have FrontPage Server Extensions installed) pick send to and pick E-mail address and type in your address.
Or you can pick send to database, which also require FPSE to be installed at your server. This will make a _private folder in your website where the answers will be stored.

Fill in the form name and you are done. I recommend as soon as you upload to your server that you test it yourself. Fill out the form at your website on line and submit it. If you get the email or see the results in your _private folder, you know it is working. If it is not, do the form properties over again. If it still is not working, go to the server and make sure FPSE are installed.

WARNING: When uploading this form, you cannot use ftp. If you do, you will corrupt the FPSE. Always use FrontPage Server Extensions when publishing any form page that uses bots to service your form. It is in your Remote Web Site Properties.

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