Insert a Table with Expression Web

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Place your cursor inside the design view of your web page.  Go to the toolbar and Under Table click on Insert Table. 

Insert TableThis will bring up a table dialog that you  change for how many rows and columns you would like.  As far as the rows are concerned you can leave the number at 2 - as you hit enter it will add more as you go.  You  can right click inside the table if you need more columns also and pick Table Properties to change the numbers.


This is what the code looks like:

<table class="style1">
<td class="style2">here is the table</td>
<td>This is the second column</td>
<td class="style2">I have given it a yellow background so you can see

Instead of style1 and style2 I would name them something that explains what they are (ex: Table1, and Table-Rows-Yellow).

The advanced tutorials section has a tutorial on styling the table and the individual cells in the table.

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