Planning Your Web Site

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Planning your website is an important first step in web design.  If you just start putting divs and paragraphs in with no clue about where it will end up, it will be a lot more work.  Get a pencil and a piece of paper and sketch out how you want it laid out and what will go in each page.

web design outlineOnce you have an outline to go by,  designing your site will be a whole lot easier.  Some just jump right into making the website with no thought as to how it is going to look.  You will find that a little fore-thought will make the new site a lot easier to build.  Yes, you might have to change something along the way. But it is better that just throwing it together and finding out it won't work.  Always preview in Firefox, preferably the latest version.

Now  that you have a plan, Open Expression Web and create a new empty web site.  Start making the template, making it centered in the page if you want.  Save it as a DWT (Dynamic Web Template).  Now make a new blank page from it.

Make your index page and save it.  Now start a new page and name it.  Keep adding until all your pages are done.

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