Testimonials from Satisfied Buyers of my Tutorials

HDeshazo, 82 years old,  New Mexico (Free E-book) hdeshazo.com

Just finishing a day's work, div'ing and id'ing. Never thought I would be comfortable moving around in the code page of EW, etc.

I never have thanked you for the great help you gave me in all of this. I spent several hundred or more dollars on books and on CD's to try to learn EW and CSS. None helped. If I had spent that with you a couple years ago I would have been way ahead.

I couldn't believe in the first week, with your help, I was moving around in EW and CSS at least confident that I wasn't destroying anything.  Ha!  Then, it all seemed to open up and I have had a ball redoing my site the proper way.

Chris from Australia (Advanced Tutorials E-book)

Thought I'd just drop you a quick note to say that  I have successfully finished section 1 of your ebook. I am going to start on section 2  but thanks to you & your generous ebook I now feel confident enough to start building our website from scratch instead of depending on a template.

I am planning on doing a very simple site (re-inforcing the lessons I've learned) & then 'bling'  it up as I learn more.

Chris from Australia (HTML/CSS E-book)

Like your previous ebooks, I found your html/css book to be clear & concise. The diagrams are excellent (again) & the links are handy. I  like the way you explain things; you seem to understand what the beginner web designer is thinking in their endeavour to improve, for example the sentence “It is better if you have only one external stylesheet,” I had been wondering about that as EW’s templates come with multiple stylesheets. The only thing that I found puzzling was when it appeared you were contradicting yourself regarding which Doctype version to use & you explained that when I asked.  It is difficult to think of what else you could add to this book at present as I believe my haziness over which is the correct style rule (i.e. element, class, id) to use is purely my personal ‘blank wall’ which hopefully experience will rectify.   I already had a slight knowledge of html (enough for ‘normal’ text) but I was having problems understanding XHTML/CSS in EW regarding table format in which your chapter assisted me. I use the tables for horse pedigrees so my table design is not like the majority of table designs.

I highly appreciate the way you are always up-to-date with facts in your ebooks. I’d read many tutorials/books that said it was best to allow for 800 x 600 resolution which I did (I thought we were unusual as the smallest monitor in our family is 22” except for my laptop which is 16” widescreen) but after reading your latest ebook I realised that the other books were out of date regarding common computer resolution.

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