Web Site Design Questionnaire

Contact Information

General Web Site Design Questions

1. Have you ever had a web site before?

2. Do you have a domain name?

3. Will this be a re-design of an existing site?

4. If re-designing, what were you not happy with?

5. What is your web address?

6. What is the estimated launch date?

7. Who will maintain your site?

8. Do you have a web server now?

9. Who is your primary audience?

10. Who is your biggest competitor?

11. What do you like/dislike about their design?  

What are the objectives for your site?

Check all that apply.

1. Create a new marketing presence.

2. Develop advertising-based revenue.

3. Create direct-sales revenue.

4. Provide detailed product or catalog information.

5. Establish personal contact with visitors.

6. Sales & support through on-line experience.

What type of business goals do you have for your site?

Check all that apply.

1. Publicity or marketing site.

2. Non-profit or community site.

3. Content based publishing site.

4. Contact information.

5. Other (please describe.)

Requirements - please rate Critical , Would Like — but not critical or
Do Not Want.

Select all that apply

1. Logo design

2. Site graphics

3. Site architecture

4. Video

5. Chat Area

6. E-commerce transactions

7. Catalog and shopping cart

8. Webmail

Anything not listed that you need, please list it here

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